Letters in Applied Microbiology: Rapid live cell microorganism results for anthrax and bubonic plague

With millions of Petri dishes used around the world every day, the sandwiched-membrane technology from NanoLogix holds the potential to change diagnostics across the board. This independently funded study by a leading biodefense and biomedical research agency in Columbus details NanoLogix BioNanoPore technology for its implications on the rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria likely to be used in bio-warfare.

The study found that the BNP could quantitate Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) and Yersina pestis (bubonic plague) “in multiple matrices within a shorter time frame compared to traditional culture methods.” The study showed test results for anthrax were slashed from 24 to approximately six hours, and for bubonic plague from 48 hours to approximately 24.

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