The demands to make manufacturing processes more “lean” are a driving force of competition in the global cosmetics industry. Material and economic waste due to product contamination is an overlooked opportunity where significant cost savings can be recovered throughout the supply chain. This can be expected to lead to direct and measurable improvements regarding financial performance, customer satisfaction, product quality and safety.

A major cause of this waste is microbial contamination, in both raw materials and finished product. Water and nutrients within these products make them highly susceptible to microbial growth and organoleptic alterations, such as offensive odors, changes in viscosity and altered color.

Cosmetic manufacturers typically quarantine fresh products for three to seven days while they wait for test results from conventional Petri cultures to return from the lab. These lengthy wait times delay the shipment of products and cost manufacturers a fortune in supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction. Still, there are other manufacturers who practice the “ship-and-pray” method, potentially exposing the public to contaminated products in favor of on-time shipping.

NanoLogix alleviates this critical pain point in supply chain efficiency by providing live-cell results on a variety of pathogenice bacterica within a few hours of a sample being taken. Such rapid detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria aids in the faster release of quarantined stock and increases the speed at which companies can develop and market new products, as well as contain contaminated batches.

NanoLogix Quick Tests offer live-cell detection and identification within just a few hours, while conventional Petri cultures take days to return the same results. This gives manufacturers more control over the quality of their product and the speed of their supply chain, without having to make substantial equipment or training investments. When one considers that manufacturers spend millions just to cut 15 minutes out of the production cycle, the benefit to saving three to seven days of waiting becomes clear and advantagous with NanoLogix Rapid Detection.