BioNanoFilter (BNF™)

Our BioNanoFilter (BNF™) builds on the rapid detection power of our BNP™ technology to quickly detect and identify live-cell microorganisms in both small and large-volume samples. Using antibody-coated membranes, the BNF™ kits provide technicians with the ability to work with biological samples and filterable materials, such as liquid-phase medical lab samples, water, beverages and juices. BNF technology delivers similar time savings to NanoLogix BNP™ kits, while enabling the testing of large-volume samples.

Ordering Information: BioNanoFilter (BNF™)

BNP-Kit Sleeve


Recent BNF discoveries and product performance improvements have dramatically reduced detection and identification times. As such, ordering has been temporarily suspended, to optimize the product for this new protocol.

NanoLogix Products are currently available for QA/QC purposes in self-certifying organizations, such as those in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and food processing Industries. 

We sell exclusively to established medical and scientific entities including laboratories, medical institutions, universities, businesses, and research establishments. We will not sell to non-qualified individuals.

International orders require direct communication with NanoLogix and are subject to a case by case business evaluation. Product will be sent with a 1-2 day delivery expectation. Quality cannot be guaranteed due to potential environmental conditions during transportation. Please click here to be alerted when NanoLogix technology is commercially available outside of the U.S.