NanoLogix and Conventional Petri Technology

NanoLogix technology advances the tried-and-true Petri dish to the next level of convenience and accuracy. Like the conventional approach, NanoLogix uses nutrient agar in a culture dish to grow organisms such as E. coli, Salmonella spp, Group B Strep and Anthrax.

Instead of waiting 18-24 hours to view the test sample, NanoLogix test kits grow microorganisms on a permeable membrane that can be transferred to a staining plate for viewing in only a few hours. After just five minutes on the staining plate, live-cell micro-colonies can be detected and viewed. Because these micro-colonies are not allowed the time to grow larger and overlap, the NanoLogix method makes it easier to count the colonies and determine the density of the sample. A few additional filtration and washing steps allow for the identification of micro-organisms being targeted in the sample.

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