Our Technology

NanoLogix technology provides live-cell rapid detection and identification dramatically faster than Flow Cytometry and traditional Petri culture methods. Additionally, in contrast to other fast methods such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), our technology does not require large investments in equipment or personnel training. Learn more about our testing times for various microorganisms>

Based on advancements in Petri dish technology, our Quick Test Kits, BioNanoPore (BNP™), and BioNanoFilter (BNF™) technologies are simple, easy to use and portable. They provide a more accurate, cost-effective alternative to PCR and Flow Cytometry.

Quantitative, Live-Cell Results

In the past decades, DNA analysis has emerged as a popular, yet expensive, trend to speed up microorganism diagnostics. Other disadvantages of this type of analysis (also known as PCR) include a failure of the technology to return live-cell results. Instead, these tests are only able to detect for the presence of the organism in a sample. Technicians using PCR are unable to determine the viability of the microorganisms from these results.

Results using NanoLogix technology, by contrast, are fast and can detect whether or not a microorganism found in the sample is alive, and therefore a viable health threat. This distinction between live and dead cells is a crucial requirement in the identification of pathogenic microorganisms. It is the reason many laboratories continue to insist on live-cell results, despite the longer wait for results.

Benefits to Rapid, Live-Cell Microorganism Detection


Antibiotic treatment is more effective when an infectious disease is identified at an early stage. The spread of infectious disease as well as growth of antibiotic resistance can be reduced by earlier intervention.

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Rapid detection of live-cell microorganisms increases the speed of pharmaceutical R&D, including faster product development and more effective countermeasures for pathogenic bacteria when they are detected.

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Our rapid tests give combat theaters and homeland security operations the ability to detect the presence of specific pathogenic bacteria closer to the epicenter of release. Site decontamination teams can identify surface samples faster, potentially aiding the field process.

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Rapid detection of live-cell microbial contamination minimizes the impact of contaminated products. Our rapid tests pre-empt expensive recalls and protect corporate reputations. Potential government-mandated “microbiology holds,” which cause delays in product shipment, can be averted and the speed of new product development can be increased.

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