Jonathan Faro, PhD, MD, joins as Director of Medical Development
NanoLogix is pleased to announce the addition of Jonathan Faro, PhD, MD to the Company’s Board of Directors. Dr. Faro is the co-inventor of the N-Assay modified ELISA bacteria-detection and identification technology and primary author of a number of published peer-reviewed research papers on the technology.

​Dr. Faro’s statement:

“NanoLogix is the Leader in the field of simultaneous bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing. I am very excited to have joined the Board of Directors at NanoLogix, Inc. As the Director for Medical Development, I will serve a direct role in advocating for the goals of the company, and plan to work alongside the CEO and other boardmembers to further development of the N-Assay. With their support, I have several goals that I aim to achieve. First and foremost, several studies need to be initiated. In addition to a large, multi-site study involving both private and academic centers, we will work on establishing multiple small-scale studies. Each of these will focus on the unique strengths of the N-Assay, so that clinicians will see that the assay is superior to anything currently on the market. We will focus on a four-pronged approach:

A) Speed of pathogen identification, providing clinicians with an accurate result far faster than that of culture,

B) Determination of antimicrobial resistance, so that clinicians may target their approach quickly, and begin seeing results faster than with any other technology on the market.

C) Offer clinicians novel approaches in treating infectious diseases, so that we stop the continued development of antimicrobial resistance.

D) Offer cheaper tests that do not increase the burden on national and international healthcare resources.

This final goal will have the benefit of taking NanoLogix not just through the US market, but will allow it to gain steady footing in the global market, which is necessary in order to truly help in limiting the spread of antimicrobial resistance, which currently claims approximately 700,000 lives per year. Although each of these goals will require considerable time, effort, and financial support, we have already begun the process of building in-roads with multiple well-respected clinical collaborators. These next several months certainly will be very exciting times for both myself and for NanoLogix!”