FlatPack® Petri Plates

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Tryptic Soy Agar plates (TSA plates) consist of a general purpose media that is used for the isolation and cultivation of a wide variety of fastidious and nonfastidious microorganisms. TSA plates also display growth of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.

NanoLogix packaging allows for an extended shelf-life that is more than double today’s standard. In ongoing shelf-life tests, NanoLogix plates containing TSA media have maintained nutrient and moisture levels for longer than one year. NanoLogix TSA plates can be used for isolating microorganisms, total plate count, and for maintaining stock cultures. We sell exclusively to established medical and scientific entities including laboratories, medical institutions, universities, businesses, and research establishments. We will not sell to non-qualified individuals.

International orders require direct communication with NanoLogix and are subject to a case by case business evaluation. Product will be sent with a 1-2 day delivery expectation. Quality cannot be guaranteed due to potential environmental conditions during transportation. Please click here to be alerted when NanoLogix technology is commercially available outside of the U.S.