Our Facilities

Production Clean Room
Located in Hubbard, Ohio, our state-of-the-art production cleanroom produces our NanoLogix  Quick Test kits. Our facility consists of two cleanrooms with the capacity of 56 work stations equipped with New Brunswick Scientific equipment. Currently, we have 8 work stations.

The NanoLogix Cleanroom equipment features MP-1000 Automated Plate Pourers and MM9 MediaMatic Sterilizers. The Hubbard facility is equipped to manufacture Quick Test kits.

Research & Development Laboratory
Also located at the Hubbard headquarters is our advanced laboratory. Built in fall of 2011, this lab is equipped to handle new research, product development, quality control and quality assurance.

The NanoLogix lab can comfortably handle up to six scientists working in a single shift.

Our on-site laboratory provides NanoLogix with greater oversight of science operations, as well as increased operational and capital efficiency.

Logistics & Handling
Receiving of 210 Cartons used in NanoLogix’s production of Petri Flatpacks®. Each carton contains 500 petri plates.