NanoLogix is pleased to announce the filing of a patent application for use in the rapid testing of the Covid-19 virus. The application was filed under a new program instituted May 14th by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Now that Patent Pending status has been obtained, we can reveal aspects of the technology that we were unable to mention in a prior update.

This Rapid Viral Assay is a modified ELISA technology that is not the same as our N-Assay modified ELISA. While the initial focus for development was for the COVID-19 virus, it became obvious that the technology is not limited to one virus, but can be configured for many different viruses, such as HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, MERS, SARS-1 and others. As per the patent filing, the description is “Without Limitation”.

An additional aspect of the test is that for the Home-Test configuration, we anticipate the potential of 30-minute results using a nasopharyngeal swab sample or saliva.

Jonathan Faro, MD, PhD., our Chief Medical Officer stated “We are extremely excited over this technology development, as it is a novel approach in diagnostics that provides a solution to the inherent problems with false positives and false negatives present in those tests currently being used in the war against COVID-19.”

The US Patent Office program under which the filing was done can be accessed through here.