NanoLogix is pleased to announce we have received a notification, dated 06/03/20, from the US Patent and Trademark Office stating the application has been granted Prioritized Status under the new COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program​.


The above-identified application has met the requirements for prioritized examination

A. For an original nonprovisional application (Track I).

2. The above-identified application will undergo prioritized examination. The application will be accorded special status throughout its entire course of prosecution…”

The significance of the USPTO granting of Prioritized Status is that the evaluation of the patent application under the new COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program has been completed and the application has been accepted into the program. This Program has been initiated by the USPTO as a response to the Pandemic Crisis. We suggest readers access the USPTO and Federal Register link at the bottom of this update in order to fully understand the significance of the program.

In addition, NanoLogix is, and has been, in talks with multiple diagnostic and financial companies regarding development and potential partnering for use of the Rapid Viral Assay against the COVID-19 virus.

Summary of information from an earlier update:

This Rapid Viral Assay is a modified ELISA technology that is not the same as our N-Assay modified ELISA.
While the initial focus for development was for the COVID-19 virus, it became obvious that the technology
is not limited to one virus, but can be configured for many different viruses, such as HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, MERS, SARS-1 and others. As per the patent filing, the description is “Without Limitation”.

An additional aspect of the test is that for the Home-Test configuration, we anticipate the potential of 30-minute results using a nasopharyngeal swab sample or saliva.

Jonathan Faro, MD, PhD., our Chief Medical Officer stated “We are extremely excited over this technology development, as it is a novel approach in diagnostics that provides a solution to the inherent problems with false positives and false negatives present in those tests currently being used in the war against COVID-19.”

The US Patent Office program under which the filing was done can be accessed through the following link:​